Spring Comes To The Prairie

The lawn has been mowed, twice, and the dandelions are springing up; and yet, the winds prevail and it’s still jacket weather. The heavy blankets have been taken from the bed, twice, and brought back to keep us warm. Yesterday it rained before the sun came out as it passed by, then sleet pelted the windows. We’re supposed to have a lightning and thunder event in the night, and I can hard wait. Summer, they tell me, is just around the corner, but I’m not sure what corner, but I think it’s hiding somewhere down around the Texas Panhandle. I had a prairie garden that’s gone dormant, and I’m not so sure it’s coming back this year. I don’t know for sure, but it seems we’re trapped in the house wishing to be outside but unwilling to brave the elements to do so. I can’t imagine how the wagon trains traversed this hostile environment, because I find a trip thought the yard a hair rising experience. I guess this is how spring comes to the prairie, but we’re in April now and we should be seeing flowers, but we’re not.

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