It’s Kiss A Cop Week

“What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Right now!”


Those words were chanted in America’s largest cities with glee while standing on the sidelines were the valiant law enforcement officers watching and waiting. It’s pure hate speech fueled by a lawless Administration, self-serving elected officials  in many large cities, and Black Lives Matters..

This is the week we honor our  police officers and law enforcement officers. As part of that week of remembrance,  President Obama passed out 13 Medals of Valor to officers who risked their lives to save others. He then launched into a speech about a bipartisan overhaul to make the criminal justice system fairer, smarter and more effective so that officers are well-equipped to enforce the country’s laws, and ended by saying, “Our country needs that right now.”

That’s a rather curious statement as this country has always needed our police officers so what bipartisan effort was he talking about? President Obama will soon leave us, and that same bipartisan effort he spoke of, in an effort to overhaul the Federal Government to make it smarter and more effective, will move swiftly to hustle his sorry ass out the door.

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