Who’s Reading What?

456px-Thorma_Reading_Woman_1928Recently I had occasion to be in the company of a dozen or so women of various ages, and thought what better opportunity?

“So tell me,” I asked sitting down at a table, “Who’s reading what because I am a fledging writer trying to determine current reading trends.”

One woman looked me in the eye, and said, “If I were writing a book, which I’m not, I would write about sex and lots of it. It is the only thing that sells.”

Suggestions started flying around the table, and people from the next table pulled their chairs over to our table, no doubt thinking it some sort of strange parlor game.

“Hot sex, zombies, modern vampires, doomsday, life after doomsday, interplanetary travel, things from outer space invading people’s bodies, dystopian fiction, bigfoot, yeti, witches, and more sex. You simply must do the sex thing no matter who or what it’s with.”

“What would a book like that look like?” I queried, because to my way of thinking it’s rather difficult to write anything if you don’t know what you’re writing about.

They actually laughed at me. “Hell we don’t know, but those are the things people are reading. You write it and we’ll buy it.”

One thought on “Who’s Reading What?

  1. Once again, I loved reading your post. I suspect though, that you would get different answers from different crowds. That said, I believe that readers with those tastes abound and have for years. The sex info is reassuring. I was wondering if I put too much in mine. Apparently not.

    The Germans love stories about castles and knights. They gobble it up.

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