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The Kiss of Death eBook Review

Gilles_Demarteau_-_Buste_de_jeune_femme_lisant_Héloïse_et_AbélardWith the advent of cyberspace and the ability to become a self-published author, independent of a publishing company, the role of an author in the 21st Century is different than previous centuries.  He or she must be the writer, the editor, the proof reader, and the promoter, and he must do it to the best of his ability because competition is fierce.  Not only must the book be flawless, it has to be written to a category that people are actually interested in reading because to further complicate the Indie’s endeavors is the knowledge that society at large does not read the way other generations did as they are lost in cyberspace playing with games, gadgets, and texting. And then there is  the matter of a cover. It has to catch the eye of a stray consumer,  convey the story yet be appealing but not too busy, gory, plain, or give the consumer a misleading impression as to the book’s content.

Eventually, the book will find its way to the Amazon store, and there it will be with four million others languishing away and you don’t know why. You did all the right things, but most eBook authors will never earn more than a few hundred dollars; however, there have been those who have known great success. The point being the road to eBook success is fraught with disappointment, hard work, and careful consideration to details.  If done correctly, someone might read your book and leave a decent review.

Reviews are hard to come by and not to be expected, and the last thing an eBook author needs is a ‘kiss of death review’. These are reviews usually written by other eBook authors under the anonymity of an alias that can’t be tracked anywhere, and the main purpose is to kill the competition giving their book an unfair edge.  They usually start out by giving the book and the author a rave review, then comes the knife to the heart; and the reviewer starts talking about massive typos, bad grammar, and faulty punctuation. He then gives you a five-star rating, and moves on to his next victim.

If you are guilty of those crimes, you must fix the book because no one will buy it after reading what a deplorable writer you are, but if you are confident in your writing skills and smell a rat, there is something you can do. Reach out to the ‘KDP Quality Assurance Team’, and ask them to run the book through their systems to check for issues that might cause a poor reading experience. When the report comes back clean, go to the comment section right below the bad review, almost always in GoodReads, and give the reviewer a bad review citing the KDP Report. Any potential reader should be able to draw their own conclusion, and not pay much attention to the bad review, but make no mistake there are poorly written Indie books by the thousands.

It’s next to impossible to get a review removed, which is why these reviews are rated so high but you as the author must minimize the damage, and it will make you feel better. You have worked far to hard to go under to a ‘kiss of death’ review. Fight back, and don’t be afraid to write about it on your blog site and Facebook Author Page.

Cyberspace is the international highway where the good, bad, and the ugly meet and merge. Do not surprised when you run into an unscrupulous author. Let them be surprised when they encounter a tenacious writer.

What Happened To Common Courtesy?


Imagine this scenario, if you can.

The above dog is but a picture, but for a moment pretend this is a real dog, and it is being mistreated, insulted, and ridiculed for no other reason than its breed or looks. It’s not a bad dog, but there are those who would take delight in inflicting pain, insults, and injury on this dog. Not only would they take delight in such acts, they would gang up on this dog and do as much physical and emotional harm to this dog they could, and walk away in smug self-righteousness with big smiles on their faces as the dog is lying on the ground mortally wounded and crying.

Would it surprise you to know this a scene that is being repeated across the nation on a daily basis, not to dogs but to people, and sadly, God’s creatures are being systematically brutalized for nothing more than their personal choices and value systems.  Essentially, they are being treated as the misfits of society.

No way! Don’t believe it? It’s absolutely true, and here’s why. The above dog with the sad look on his face is a Republican and voted for the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump; therefore, he is a subhuman life form and worthy of any and all disdain and punishment that can be heaped on him.  Any questions?