My Yard Is For Freedom

Who cares about political affiliations except for those who think the Civil War is still being fought? Actually, that ordeal is and was a total embarrassment; a Country declaring war against itself with winners none. That chapter is thankfully gone, but in its place was


supposed to be born the beginnings of a brand new liberty and freedom. What happened to that freedom? Hard for me to tell and I live on the prairie where the wind whispers free and unemcumbered. It is for this reason, peace of mind, that I am taking a Facebook break. I am a writer, a northern, Republican, Catholic, American writer, and I know what real freedom tastes and feels like and cannot and will not settle for less.

If you are looking for me, this is where I will be; although, I will continue to share with FB but I imagine my posts will be DOA on arrival. Love to my friends and family, and you will be hearing from me.


A Song Bird Flies Away

On the day after my first Chemo treatment for a highly curable form of cancer (Lymphoma) which my Onocologist says he can put in remissission in two months, the news flash came on that Lady Soul, Aretha Franklin, had slipped away and passed into her heavenly home. Although I never had the honor to know this immense talent while she walked among us, I sure knew her in another. We both hail from Detroit, have a burning passion for music, absolutely love Motown and remember when it was a force to be reckoned with and the playground of the Midwest, and if I listen real hard I can hear her footsteps going down the sidewalk leaving the old Hitsville Building from my perch across the street knowing in my sixteen year old heart I was watching a star.

A solitary tear somehow slipped down my cheek, not for me but for songbirds that cannot stay but are destined to spread their wings and fly to the sky.

The Great Poetry Disconnect

Poetry is one of those things one hates or loves, and even that is a strange variable because the very ones who claim to abhor poetry can spend an hour selecting a greeting card unaware they are really searching for the perfect verses or poem. Apparently, even the haters have a need for a poem every now and then, so how then did the great poetry disconnect happen?

As late as the 19th Century, poetry was a treasured reading venue. It slowly fell from favor in the 20th Century, and became an obsolete art form.  It is for this very reason ‘poetry appreciation’ is taught in schools. There are many things one can say in a sentence or through the written word, but if the message has to be distinctive and sparkle and shine, you need a poem. These are mine, and they can be purchased at:

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