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Turkey Season Has Arrived; Yippee

wild-turkey-956713__180The hunters are in the woods shooting at anything that moves. I know they are there because mighty booms reverberate up the ravine, and the dogs are nervous wrecks. What can be the use of this exercise is more than I can figure because what would be left of a turkey killed by shotgun fire? It’s a strange sport, for sure, but the hunters seem to like it, although, I don’t believe the turkey share their enthusiasm; they are hiding in the back yard in a fence row behind the burner barrel. I am wondering if I am truly safer than I was in the city? In the city one had to worry about gun-toting thugs who ran through the night, but on the prairie one has to contend with men walking from the woods in full camouflage with shotguns slung over their shoulders and blood on  their boots. Go figure.